Free Zentangle 101 Workshop





Free Zentangle Workshops at the Sunflower Soiree

Zentangle® 101 – An introduction to the Art of Zentangle
Unlock your hidden creativity and discover an artist within. This practical and inspiring workshop will introduce you to Zentangle and show you that ‘Anything is possible – one stroke at a time’ .
• Understand the basic principles of Zentangle design, terminology and philosophy.
• Learn an assortment of Zentangle creative techniques and patterns.
• Follow a series of step-by step instructions that help you build complex designs, one stoke at a time.
• Unlock the artist within, and create your own Zentangle inspired artwork during the workshop.

• Practice the art of relaxation through Zentangle.

All materials necessary will be provided. Suitable for Adults & Children 12+
Instructor: Brendan Burns, Certified Zentangle Master
Brendan Burns is an accomplished British artist now living in Rhode Island. His artistic interests include wildlife, portraits, and land/seascapes. Brendan’s newest artistic intrigue is the exploration of the art of Zentangle.
As a Certified Zentangle Master, he is happy to share his love and knowledge of this meditative art form that gives everyone the opportunity to discover the artist within.

Click here to learn about Brendan.

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