About Us



The mission of Kiki’s Garden is to raise funds for scholarships, enrichment programs and initiatives that support the growth and well-being of youth in our community, providing them the opportunity to develop their potential, pursue their dreams and create joy for themselves and their communities.

We hope you will join us in helping kids BLOOM!

We envision a world where all children, especially those from disadvantage or difficult circumstances are given opportunities for joyful self expression and personal growth. Every child is a seed of unlimited potential deserving of the chance to explore, discover and connect to themselves and their world. When we make a difference in a child’s life, we cultivate the garden of human potential and create a better world one smile at a time.

Our Krista (Kiki), a most wonderful daughter, sister, wife and friend inspired us to create Kiki’s Garden when she asked to be remembered for how she lived and not for the immense challenge that finally stole her life. Her gift to us amidst all the pain and sorrow at her passing was our awakening to the infinite power of love and we were compelled to create a legacy to honor her passion for life and her belief that she could help create a better world.
In her short but abundant life, Krista generously planted and cultivated seeds of love. She lived with grace, intelligence and passion. She was bold and sassy, yet genuine, kind and forgiving. She loved life and all manner of people. While she pursued her own passions, she also expended her energy for the benefit of others inspiring and encouraging them to follow their dreams and never give up.

To those who loved her, she was like a big, bold, beautiful sunflower abundant with seeds of potential to give and share. Kiki’s Garden will be her living memorial spreading sunshine to help kids…

… Play… Learn… Create… Grow… and BLOOM!