Craft Bash

A chance meeting in 2013 with then Director of Visual Arts Programming at The Artists’ Exchange and a Kiki’s Garden devoted volunteer lead to a dream come true. Karen Bouchard had all her plans in place to give kids free access to arts & craft classes, EXCEPT for the funds to make it happen. Jeanne Thomason was visiting community organizations to help our newly- formed non-profit encourage participation for our first Sunflower Calendar Art Contest. Both Karen and Jeanne quickly realized just how much our organizations shared the same goal of bringing more art to all. Within a week, the KIKI’S GARDEN Board of Directors approved a full sponsorship for the program and later that spring, The Artists’ Exchange launched the first CRAFT BASH year. Since that first year to the present, the Craft Bash has provided free sessions on the last Saturday of every month engaging children in the joy of creating art. Kiki’s Garden has continued to support the program through 2017 and now other sponsors have been inspired to keep this program active. We are grateful for that initial moment of serendipity and honored to have had the opportunity to seed a good deed to help make Karen’s dream come true. Hundreds of children have reaped the benefits of this free program that brings more art… more often… to all!

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