Craft Bash

2017 Craft Bash Schedule

Families are welcome to join us monthly for FREE crafts at the Artists’ Exchange on the last Saturday of each month!

Location: 50 Rolfe Square, Cranston, RI | Phone: 401.490.9475 |Time: 11AM-2PM

This year’s craft bash themes are not only designed to be fun art activities for kids but also enriching learning opportunities. The arts can work as a tool for strengthening skills in all disciplines by offering alternative ways to think about core subjects. Many art projects unknowingly have ties to math, science and history. By exemplifying these concepts throughout the project, kids can build their art skills while learning cross-curricular information at the same time.

March 25 – 2D to 3D- Take a flat drawing or painting and transform it into an epic sculpture.

April 29 – The Lorax Recycles – Celebrate Earth Day by reading a book and creating an upcycled cardboard forest.

May 27 – The Life of a Plant – Paint a custom planter and care for your seeds as they grow into plants.

June 24 – Summer Story Books – Write and illustrate a mini-book about your favorite summer pastimes.

July 29Taking place at the 2017 Sunflower Soiree. Ocean Ecosystems –Build an upcycled aquarium filled with shells, sharks, coral, fish and all things under the sea.

August 26 – Greek and Roman Pottery – Build a clay cup and travel through time and space in history to learn how they would have been decorated by the ancient artisans.

September 30 – Poetry Collage – Create a work of art that represents you with pictures, words, colors and more.

October 28 – Romero Britto Paintings – Using a bit of geometry and bold colors, create a custom painting in the style of Brazillian artist Romero Britto.

November 25 – Paper Marbled Cards – The holidays are coming! Create a few handmade cards with custom messages while learning the science behind paper marbling.

December 30 – Animals in Winter – Create drawings and paintings based on stories of your favorite animals and their hibernation or migration patterns.

January 27, 2018 – Fabric Quilts – Create small quilt like tapestries in the style of Faith Ringgold and explore elements of literature and history to create a personal pattern all your own.

February 24, 2018 – Geometric Faces – Create a Pablo Picasso style face using all cardboard pieces of all shapes and sizes.

March 31, 2018 – Comic Books – Learn some basic cartooning and illustrating techniques and write your own comic strip or even a whole book!


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