Sunflower Art Competition


About Krista & Sunflowers

Sunflowers remind us of Krista’ spirit and mirror that essence in all of us where hope and dreams reside. Big, bold and Beautiful, they reach high into the sky basking in the sunshine, abundant with seeds of potential. Then, as their blooms fade, they lower their heads as if in prayer, and scatter their seeds to keep giving in a new season. Each calendar with a different monthly interpretation of the sunflower’s beauty reminds us to reach for our dreams, and while pursuing our own passions, like Krista, “Aspire Higher” by seeding good deeds along the way.

Calendar Art contest was first established in 2013 to inspire children (and adults) to engage creatively in a fun community effort to “Seed Good Deeds”. Over 300 individuals from Rhode Island and 19 US States and Australia answered the “Call For Art” for the 2014, 2015 and 2016 calendars. Each year, impressive submissions arrived in our mailbox and it was a challenge for the contest judges to choose which would be included; however, all entrants received acknowledgements and all works were displayed in the Sunflower Labyrinth at the Sunflower Soirees. Proceeds from the sales and sponsorships of the calendars supported Kiki’s Garden programs to inspire more art… more often… for all.

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