Kid’s Seeding Good Deeds: ” Z News Chooses Kiki’s Garden!”

“Z News” chooses Kiki’s Garden! SEED A GOOD DEED Spotlight is on Zachary Weller!

Zach created a newsletter, Z NEWS, to raise funds to support non-profits. Zachary donated over $100 last year to Amigos de Honduras and Pure Water for the World. Both charities work in Honduras. Z’s money went towards building a school and installing a water filter into a home. Z’s Fall edition raised $40 which he donated to Kiki’s Garden in memory of his Auntie, Krista Weller Burns. Thanks, Zachary, for all your work to help kids BLOOM! Part of the Kiki’s Garden Mission is to promote kindness by encouraging kids to “Seed a Good Deed”. Thanks you Zachary!

Do you know of someone or a group of kids seeding good deeds? Please share the good news with us.

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